The first thing most people do is to gasp for air, take some big breaths, and recover from the initial blow.

Today, I was punched in the stomach. Funny thing is, deep down I knew it was coming, yet, it still hurt more then I care to admit.  Has this ever happened to you?

A very important life lesson I have learned from my wife is to be transparent.  Do not hide your feelings. I am pretty good at hiding my feelings. Especially in business. I am afraid as being seen as weak.

Well today, I am coming clean. I am not happy today. I am struggling to stay positive and am disappointed in how some conduct business. It almost has me wanting to hang it up. But not to fear, as the bible says, “this too shall pass”. I have had to use that a lot lately.

So back to the question – What do you do when you are punched in the stomach?

You suck it up, dig deep, and move forward.

I will, of course, recover and come back stronger. When the clamp on my mind is lifted, I will go back and review the whole experience and learn some valuable lessons.

As I think about it, this is the very reason I am embarking on the new journey of leadership, sales and communications training.  To help change the caustic business environment I have encountered so many times – to help transform and bring the tools to business owners so they can have a positive influence on their employees and communities in which they live. I think this is how we change the world.

See, I am recovering already. Thanks honey for teaching me to be transparent. It works.

A bible verse that is comforting to me is.

“A light shines in the dark for honest people, for those who are merciful and kind and good. It is good to be merciful and generous. Those who are fair in their business will never be defeated. Good people will always be remembered.” Psalm 112:4-6 (NCV)

How do you deal with the unexpected blow in your business? How do you overcome and learn?  I would love to hear from you?