Virginia EarthQuake 2011-Two Lessons

EarthQuake 2011Wow – that came out of nowhere.
I was sitting at my desk, and a low roar and shake started up, and I’m thinking, “What in the world?” We are in a fairly old building, so at first I thought it was something in the building, but then I realized EARTHQUAKE and Tamara and I head for the door and got outside.

It brought back all kinds of memories for me. Sally and I were out in San Francisco in1989 when the quake hit there, resulting in a major loss of life, and it destroyed many roads and buildings. The feelings came flooding back. I am still shaking some.

I have calmed down a bit, as I know all are safe and no one was injured.

So what can we learn from this experience?

Two things…

We need a plan for a real emergency.

Our plan at RevBuilders – RUN. That was it. Thank God it was all we needed this time around. But what about next time? I think we need to put together a little better plan, and include things like: How will we contact our loved ones if phones are down, if internet is down? Is our entire client’s information safe and stored off site? If the building were to collapse would I be able to continue with our business? If we were injured do we have first aid kits available? I’m sure there are many other questions we should be asking – do you have any suggestions or questions? Let us know.

Our Marketing Plans need to be this effective in creating buzz.

Talk about a successful marketing plan – imaging having something like this happen in your business on the positive side. Wow! They are still talking about it – hold on my daughter is calling. First thing out of her mouth was “Wow that was exciting!” That is how a 10 year old thinks –but again, dream with me about creating campaigns that could have this kind of impact. What would it do for your business? What would it do for just your attitude alone? You have any ideas? Let us know, and we’ll learn from each other.

I know for a fact that if you not engaged in online marketing you are missing many WOW experiences. It is changing every day and new opportunities are abound. Check out one of the latest for our client Connor’s Pest Protection. We are having a naming contest for a new puppy they are training to find bed bugs. They are going to give away a free pair of Redskin tickets, so click here if you want to give it a try.

So what kind of marketing ideas could rattle your business (in a good way)? Or how did the earthquake affect you? Post a comment and let us know what’s going on in your mind.


  1. That was a scary thing today with the earthquake. First Colorado, today Washington

  2. You have a good point – up until yesterday, I would never have thought about emergency materials. The only thing I’d thought about was if there was fire, to get the water bottles in our fridge. But even that’s not a really good emergency plan.

    And if marketing plans were like earthquakes, they’d rock everything! Very thought provoking – sometimes it’s so easy to fall into, as you call it, the “hum-drum” of life. Easy to get into a lull. Takes an earthquake to shake things up (pun was intended) to get people’s attention, but it also helps your own creativity. I’m convinced everything (in business, economy, your life, your attitude, etc.) works in spirals (exponentially moving downward or exponentially moving upward). So, if you have this “earthquake-level” marketing idea, it will spur other people to have more “earthquake-level” marketing ideas, and so forth.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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