I am seeing a lot of gurus talking about setting goals for the new year. To get your dreams out and dust them off and set up a 1-year plan to get there. Or even that dreaded 5-year plan.  For most people, I think, this is a waste of time. I will explain shortly.

Everyone has a method of goal setting that they think works for everyone else just because it worked for them. From my own experience and watching others, I have found goal setting to be very personal. We are all different and we look through different lenses of life and see, feel and experience life differently. It is because of this that I am not a big fan of following someone else’s “secret magic formula” for goal setting.

I think what works is you finding the perfect system for yourself. Of course, you can grab some ideas from others, but make them yours. Change it up to how you think, works and live in this world. If you follow the exact pattern of someone else, you are a copycat not an original. You were born for more, trust in you and your own ideas, your own thoughts and set up a goal setting system that works for you.

How? It is easy. Look at 2017 – did you hit your goals?

If Yes – you rock! Keep doing it. If No – change something. See, easy.

As an example, for me I have found that the key for me to achieve my goals is to set small daily goals that I know will lead me to my bigger goals. I don’t focus on the big goals – because for me I will make excuses and put it off – thinking I have time. I need to really convince myself that if I do not achieve my goal(s) today I will not get a chance to do it tomorrow. This is one of the biggest dream killers – thinking you have tomorrow – but in fact it never comes because it is always today.

What is it for you? Do you know – discover your own secret system of achieving goals and watch 2018 be the launching pad for greatness in all you do.