Helping your team-members reach their best

It’s not that difficult. Give these ideas a try and watch them achieve new levels of performance.

  1. Expect the best from your people.
  2. Make sure that failure is a tool for learning and not punishment.
  3. Create a high standard of excellence.
  4. Give your people all the credit for success.
  5. Make a big deal of and recognize all achievement that is above your standard.

Do you have any tips to share?

Stop dreaming!

Say what? But I have always been told to dream big and have a vision out in front of me to work towards, to help create the fire in the belly passion to drive me through the tough times.

I have come to discover that this is a bunch of nonsense. For the most part anyway.

All it really does it keep our heads so far in the clouds we miss what needs to be done right now, right in front of us. Yes of course dream big, but act today. Do not live in the clouds.

Focus on today. Take an action right now that inspires you and adds value to someone else. If we all do this every day – look out – we will accomplish remarkable things together and enjoy the journey on the way to living our dreams.

Virginia EarthQuake 2011-Two Lessons

EarthQuake 2011Wow – that came out of nowhere.
I was sitting at my desk, and a low roar and shake started up, and I’m thinking, “What in the world?” We are in a fairly old building, so at first I thought it was something in the building, but then I realized EARTHQUAKE and Tamara and I head for the door and got outside. Continue reading