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What Are You Thankful For?

I sometimes struggle with the holidays – in my middle age, I seem to have gotten a little jaded in my thinking – the nice relaxing holidays of my youth do not seem to exist anymore. It is one big hurry here and hurry there. The ads are screaming at us with buy, buy, buy – get, get, get, me, me, me. And now it all seems to start in the beginning of October. Gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it.

Well this year I am praying that my family and I can slow down and enjoy this wonderful time of year. That we can reflect on all we have to be thankful for in our lives and to help those who are not as blessed as us and need some holiday cheer. Continue reading

Christian Morals

Sometime back mChristain Moralsy Mom gave me a book titled “Christian Morals” published in 1813. It sat around the house for awhile, before making its way to my desk. I conceived the idea of reading through it and blogging on what I read, but the book sat there for two months.

I was recently invited to a luncheon hosted by WPER 89.5 & 90.5 by my good friend Jamie Gorman, who was giving a talk on Christian leadership to some of the partners of the radio station. His talk was fantastic. It sparked excellent conversation after, and my mind went to the book sitting on my desk, Christian Morals.

I invite you on my travels through Christian Morals to discover with me the timeless principles presented in the greatest book ever printed – the bible. The author takes us on a journey I am sure will challenge us and hopefully prompt us to pause, as it seem humans have been struggling with the issues of morality since the beginning of time. So let us endeavor to unlock the secrets of times past and bring forth a new generation of Christian Morals.

Shall we begin?Content

What rich language! I don’t know about you, but I don’t encounter writing like this everyday!

The author, Hannah, immediately captures our thoughts and reminds us that just because this is a “religious book” does not mean that is it perfect in any way.

I love the statement “good is separated from evil by such sight partitions”. How true is this in our lives everyday? Maybe this is where we get the idea that it is the small things that matter because it is the small things that separate good from evil. For Christian business owners this is a daily struggle, and quiet frankly, many of us fail on the side of evil everyday. But then “all things” are imperfect as Hannah states. She wants us to understand that she does not have all the answers and that she is not infallible.

My thoughts go to the only perfect man – Jesus – and how through grace we are saved by His blood.

What thoughts does this short, but powerful passage bring to you? What emotions does it bring up in your heart? Let’s talk and share and grow.

Develop a Strong Spiritual Life

“And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” – Luke 18:27

Just as mentors can help you navigate through your business life, having a spiritual map for your life will act as a compass in both your business and personal endeavors. Having a strong spiritual life enables you to rise above obstacles, removes limitations, and empowers you to achieve more than you once thought possible.

Success is attainable by anyone who is ready to make the necessary adjustments to their life in order to achieve it. A wish without action is simply a wish. Begin taking the necessary steps to create success in your life and you’ll find yourself making amazing progress on journey through this thing we call life.

Enjoy the weekend.