Increase Your Income 10 Times in 2018

Setting clear, laser focused goals is critical for achievement; however, only 3% write them down according to a Harvard study. Meaning 97% of the people do not have written goals. The big WOW is the 3% on average earned 10 times the 97%.

Would you like to earn 10 times what you earn now? Start writing down your goals.

Don’t be the wondering generality that Zig Ziglar always talked about at his events.

There are many gurus with many formulas for goal setting. All will work. The key is finding something that works for you.

A few ideas that have helped me set and hit goals.

  1. Write down your specific goal with a date.
  2. Clarify your goal, rewrite, and redefine.
  3. Repeat # 2
  4. Make sure your goal is in alignment with your purpose and long-term goals.
  5. Review your goal daily, burn into your mind.
  6. Visualize and feel yourself doing the daily activities required to reach the goal.
  7. Take the daily action steps.
  8. Share your goal with an accountability partner and check in weekly.

Do you have any advice to help others reach their goals? Would love to hear from you.

Sales Is a Funny Thing

Are you responsible for selling? Be careful how you answer, because the truth may surprise you.

I believe that everyone sells. No matter what role you play in your organization, there are times you need to influence the behavior of others, and this is selling.

Selling is the act of influencing the outcome in a manner that benefits all involved.

If you’re a front-line manager of 12 people on an assembly line, you better be good at selling: Selling your team on working together, doing the best job possible, being content with the company and many other things that make everyone’s daily lives easier and more productive. If you don’t, trouble can loom quickly.

No one escapes from selling. Therefore, sales ability is one of the keystone skills everyone should always work to improve.

How are you improving your sales skills?

If I may, let me provide a few tips that could be of help.

  1. Learn how to talk benefits instead of features.
  2. Stop communicating and start connecting.
  3. ABL – Always Be Learning.
  4. Have fun.

Take responsibility, and go make it happen.

Voting: For Elected Officials, but Also For Yourself

Today is Election Day for those of us in the Commonwealth. It’s my belief that voting for our elected officials is one of the most important responsibilities we have as US citizens. As I mentioned yesterday, taking responsibly is key to creating the life you desire.

Yet, so few people vote, and those that don’t are often the ones who blame, whine and complain the most about eventual outcomes. And this phenomenon isn’t limited to public elections. Every day, you choose whether to vote on a myriad of things.

What other things can you vote for in your life?

  • Vote to believe in yourself
  • Vote to believe in someone else
  • Vote to take that one action today that makes your tomorrow better
  • Vote to find your passion and live life to its fullest
  • Vote to improve your leadership skills in 2018

You can vote for yourself or against yourself in so many areas of life, so I want to encourage you to do two things today.

  1. Vote for your elected officials — it’s your duty and responsibility as an American citizen.
  2. Vote for yourself to make 2018 the best year yet.