Setting clear, laser focused goals is critical for achievement; however, only 3% write them down according to a Harvard study. Meaning 97% of the people do not have written goals. The big WOW is the 3% on average earned 10 times the 97%.

Would you like to earn 10 times what you earn now? Start writing down your goals.

Don’t be the wondering generality that Zig Ziglar always talked about at his events.

There are many gurus with many formulas for goal setting. All will work. The key is finding something that works for you.

A few ideas that have helped me set and hit goals.

  1. Write down your specific goal with a date.
  2. Clarify your goal, rewrite, and redefine.
  3. Repeat # 2
  4. Make sure your goal is in alignment with your purpose and long-term goals.
  5. Review your goal daily, burn into your mind.
  6. Visualize and feel yourself doing the daily activities required to reach the goal.
  7. Take the daily action steps.
  8. Share your goal with an accountability partner and check in weekly.

Do you have any advice to help others reach their goals? Would love to hear from you.