Simple words.  Not so easy for many to pull off.  At one time or another we have all struggled with this concept of being ourselves.  Living true to who you are.

How can we do this – lead by being our authentic self?

Here is one, though, to think on in your journey of leadership:

  1. Know your beliefs

Step one to being yourself is to know who you are.  Now, this can be a very complex process, however, for this post I am going to keep it simple.

Work at knowing your beliefs.  Your beliefs are what will become your values over time.  If your beliefs are faulty then your values will be also.  An example, say I believe that mistakes are bad.  A value that could manifest from that belief could be perfection is best.

Understanding your beliefs and why you have them allows you to be you.  You do not have to be someone you are not.  When you are you – that is when you create trust and people will follow.